Author/Editor Testimonials

I love hearing back from happy authors and editors. Here are some of the comments that I have gotten on my indexes.

THANK YOU ELENA!!! the Index is terrific and I appreciate the work.
– Barbara Bloemink

At very short notice, Elena has produced an excellent index for our book, Viapolitics. Indexes are like maps: they help the reader navigate the text. We couldn’t have asked for a better map-maker! Next time I need an index, I know whom to call!
– William Walters, Carleton University

One of the best decisions I made about my book was to not accept royalty deductions or otherwise pay for the publisher’s in-house indexer. I had an inkling at the time that I was making the right decision but it was working closely with Elena that left no shadow of a doubt that that was the way to go.

Elena worked hand-in-hand with me to forge ahead a personalized index that reflected exactly what I wanted, as opposed to what the publisher may have gone with. At the end of the day we pulled off a really elaborate and sophisticated index, which had the kind of detail that proved to be helpful to scrupulous readers but was still accessible enough to serve the purposes of more casual readers as well. On a professional level, Elena was always communicative, punctual, thorough, detail-oriented and organized: just the kind of qualities that one would hope and expect from an indexer and which she regularly brandished. Last but not least, Elena even identified other shortcomings of the manuscript while working on the index, resulting in much appreciated improvements that probably wouldn’t have been caught otherwise. She was nothing short of a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to any scholar who needs an index for their book.
 – Andrew Kennis

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