My Qualifications

My qualifications to work as an indexer are as follows:
    • (2013) I have completed the University California, Berkeley Indexing Theory and Application Course.
    • (2009) I have a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in Medieval Studies from the University of British Columbia.
    • I have over nine years of experience creating indexes covering a range of different subjects including histories, biographies, general interest/finance, political science and self-help books both for a general audience and more scholarly or academic texts.
    • I am a current listed member of the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC).
My two "Supurrvisors" in an off-duty state

My “Supurrvisors” when off-duty and relaxing.

Prior to becoming an indexer I worked in retail for several years, primarily at a bookstore, overlapping my time studying for my degree at UBC and then for several years after. During that time, I loved finding and recommending just the right book for a customer.

I also enjoy a number of crafts and hobbies. Currently, I’m focused on various yarn crafts (spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet), gardening, cooking and cross-stitch. Previously, I used to blog about my various hobbies along with many of the books I’ve read for enjoyment at my blog, All Booked Up.

I believe that my passion for a well-created and usable index is as important as any formal qualifications.

You might be wondering why I have such a passion for indexing? I love the variety. One job will differ wildly from the next and no two books are alike. Each text has individual requirements and specifications. Each book, even if it covers the same material, has a different take on the subject. I’ve discovered a true love of learning which I fill for myself while creating the best quality index I can.

Take a look at some of the indexes I have created (sorted by date)  (arranged by subject), or contact me at or through my profile on LinkedIn for more information. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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